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Whether in the classroom or online, I advocate for an interactive learning experience that enables students from diverse backgrounds to actively engage in the learning process and demonstrate their comprehension of the course topic and its relevance to the real world. I thoroughly enjoy engaging with students outside of the classroom as I believe this is an essential part of academic development and allows for insights that are less likely to emerge within the more structured classroom setting.

Teaching Experience

Oklahoma State University

  SOC 3993—Sociology of Aging: Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Fall 2023

  SOC 4153—Sociology of Health & Illness: Fall 2023

  SOC 5263—Quantitative Analysis of Social Research: Spring 2024


Indiana University


  SOC-S110—Understanding Social Data: Fall 2021

Washington State University

  SOC 320—Introduction to Social Research Methods: Fall 2017, Summer 2017

  SOC 321—Quantitative Techniques in Sociology: Spring 2019, Spring 2017 (Lab Instructor)

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